After centuries of industrialization, the planet we are living on has already entered into a critical period. On one hand, human greed fosters economic development. On the other hand, it causes irreparable destruction to the natural environment.

As a common fact, global warming has become the world's most alarming issue. If no prompt actions are taken against such environmental problem, human beings are the ultimate sufferers. To an extreme, human extinction will approach soon.

Excessive deforestation is the largest single cause of global warming. In our opinion, such destruction must not continue. After all, people over-extract natural resources because of increasing social demands for wood and lands. Thus, Ecomax is set up to introduce environmentally friendlier materials, namely Nextwood. Choosing Nextwood needs not abuse the natural environment while raising the quality of life.

"Environmental Concept, MAXimum actions" is the long-lasting ideology we insist. Ecomax is active in looking for ecologically qualified wood and products. These construction materials of excellent quality are then provided to developers, professionals, architectural companies and responsible users. Ultimately, Ecomax wishes to spread the important message of earth protection. It is essential to maintain a balance between natural conservation and human needs.

Ecomax aims at developing as a sustainable enterprise that fulfills social responsibility. Through actively searching and supplying eco-friendly building materials of outstanding quality, Ecomax minimizes nature exploitation while benefiting private, business or public engineering projects. It is our goal to strive for a mutual existence between quality of life and healthy nature.