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    Nextwood is directly imported from Japan. The quality is better and more durable than other eco-wood in the market, and they can last up to 20 years. Therefore, Nextwood is eco-friendly users best choice in the market.

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    The Bart one hundred sets the Company designed a range of outdoor furniture, all made of stainless steel and renewable wood into.

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    Ecomax Limited aim to persuade people to use eco-friendly materials or products so as to protect our living environment without over deplete our resources on earth, and avoid any further degradation of the quality of nature while people pursuing a better living standard.

    高美時有限公司 為響應對環保的認同與職責,不遺餘力的推動“地球村”的概念及成效,盡量使到我們的客戶群採用損壞生態環境的物料或產品為己任,從而保護我們的生態環境,不再無窮無盡地損耗地球上的寶貴資源, 及避免降低大自然的質素水平,這正是我們所追求優質的生活標準。